Transaction Splits BY PERCENTAGE (Q Mac)


I am a very happy and loyal Quicken user. Please PLEASE add the following feature: Transaction Splits by PERCENTAGE

It would be SO helpful to be able to assign a memorized percentage split for transactions. Here is an example of what and why...

I have a home business and would like to allocate expenses to multiple categories.

  • Internet/Phone Bill: 50% Personal & 50% Business
  • City Power/Sewer: 70% Personal & 30% Business
  • Rent/Mortgage: 70% Personal & 30% Business
  • Auto Expenses: 50% Personal & 50% Business
  • Groceries: 90% Personal & 10% Business
  • Apple Music: 75% Personal & 25% Business
  • Etc, etc, etc...

Many of these bills vary in amount due each month. To have to calculate and manually enter currency amounts seems like an undue burden, especially since so many other aspects of a transaction can be memorized.

Thoughts? Ideas? Do you think this is possible and could be implemented in a future (or current!) release?

Thanks so much for your time!

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