Unable to manually enter retirement info when not on internet

I have to enter my retirement account transactions by hand (thanks, Vanguard). Starting recently, this fails when not hooked up to the internet. If I'm offline, whenever I enter Reinvest Dividend/Interest/Capital Gain entries, the number of shares goes to 0, and the security name goes blank. If I make the same entry while online, the entry is accepted.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

It only started recently, and should be a bug, as Quicken should work as well offline as on when hand-entering entries.

I'm using Version 6.4.2 (Build 604.41752.100) under macOS 11.6


  • louabill
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    An update:

    I tried following advice from the MS Windows forums by

    Quitting Quicken
    Setting up a Network setting with no possible connections
    Using that network
    Starting Quicken

    The problem continued, unless I allowed Quicken to call home and update prices for the given security.

    I often work in places with crappy connectivity, so I need Quicken to be able work offline.

  • jacobs
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    @louabill You should use Help > Report a problem to report this.
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