Enlarge Font Size in Account Sidebar Pane (Q Mac) (+1 Merged Vote)

Chuck_ Member
Add the ability to adjust the account sidebar font size in Quicken for MAC.
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  • t.linn
    t.linn Member
    This, please. I can read the register just fine but the font in the sidebar is so small I cannot read it at all. This is a particular problem for Mac users relying on external monitors.
  • Windows version is the same.
  • Quicken, if you read these forums, seems like this would be an easy fix as the register font can already be changed for easier viewing.  
  • gkhanna
    gkhanna Member ✭✭
    edited January 15
    We can adjust the size of the text in the register, but can't adjust size of the text in the sidebar. If we could do that as well, that would be great.
  • fmw
    fmw Member
    I also would like to request the ability to adjust the font size in the sidebar