Bill Reminder - Changing Payee entry from manual pay to online pay

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I just stumbled thru this, and wanted to share.
I have all my Reminders setup for manual payments.... which I manually enter and most now are using Chase online bill pay - this is NOT Quicken Bill Payment -
So the Quicken acct sees them as online "Sent".... and I can see them on the Chase website. 
I had one bill that I was still writing checks, and wanted to migrate it over...
#1 - go to --> Online --> Payees -->
create Add and setup the exact account number and other info.
#2 - go to --> Reminders --> find the existing entry for the Bill Reminder -
Edit for all instances...
AHH...Now the rub - there is no pull down list of Payees to choose from - not even hints.
SO - you have to get the exact spelling correct for the - Online Payee - else Quicken will want to create a new online Payee.... in the manual world, it's more of just a comment.
just a nit to share ....

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