PNC Bank uses a 4 character maximum Password

PNC just migrated me from BBVA to their direct connect interface. Their password is limited to 4 alphanumeric characters. I cannot believe in today's world a bank only supports 4 character passwords. This will probably be a show stopper for me.

Does anyone have insight on why PNC only supports a 4 character password for the direct connect interface?


  • GeoffG
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    I believe you are confusing the voice pin to the password.

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  • Sherlock
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    For Direct Connect access, PNC uses the user's social security number with an assigned four digit PIN which the user may reset.  These credentials are distinct from those used to sign in to the PNC web site.
  • Jimmy Orkin
    Jimmy Orkin Member
    I just set it up. You are correct that their website does use a normal (more secure) password.

    The Direct Connect interface is limited to 4 alphanumeric characters. Also, the userid is your SSN.
  • Boatnmaniac
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    edited October 12
    I was a BBVA customer.  PNC sent me in 2 separate mailings a Customer ID number and a 4-digit PIN.
    I was able to set up DC this evening for my new PNC accounts but I could not do that with my SSN.  It only could be set up with the PNC-supplied Customer ID number.
    During the setup process I was prompted to change the 4-digit PIN.
    But I did find it odd that the PNC Bank - Direct Connect setup link defaults to EWC.  I needed to select Advanced Options and then Direct Connect before the setup process completed properly.
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