Quick Pay payment amount Changed unexpectedly

Opening Quicken today, I was greeted with this message:
"Quick Pay payment amount to ‘Discover Card Services’ ... was reduced to 472.15 due to biller site limits. Register transaction has been updated"

Now, we had set up a QuickPay payment to Discover 3 WEEKS ago to pay the balance in full before the due date exactly as noted on the Discover statement, and we expected Quicken to make a payment of that amount to Discover. The due date is in 2 days, so now we need to scramble to make a 2nd payment to make up the difference due to this reduced amount.

This is the 2nd instance where QuickPay has altered a scheduled payment - last month it reduced our Citi payment to the minimum due only days prior to the due date, so we had to scramble then to send in a 2nd payment in order to avoid interest fees.

Why has Quicken changed their process - instead of simply sending the payment according to our instructions, it appears that beginning around APRIL, they log in to our credit card accounts and use the payment-transfer function. Since then, I've seen a number of related issues with the result that our expected payments are not made.
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  • UKR
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    I can't speak to the inner workings of Quicken Bill Manager and what makes it tick (or not), but ...
    When it comes to making credit card payments on time, with the correct amount and without any hassle, I find that the following has always worked best for me: I allow the credit card company to Auto Pay, Direct Debit, PAC Draft, or whatever they call it, the full amount due from my checking account on Due Date. This way I don't have to worry about making payment on time, etc. The ball is now in the credit company's court. If they want their money on time their computer gets to do all the work for me. In the rare event that a refund or credit is posted to the account after the statement date, the amount due will automatically be reduced, thus avoiding overpayments.
    In Quicken all I have to do when I get the monthly statement is to record my Scheduled Reminder as a local transfer from checking to credit card account (not an Online Bill) and I'm done.
    I also do the same for most of my other recurring bills (phone, utilities, etc.) and have been doing so successfully for many years ... there's practically no need for me to use Bill Manager.

  • wdwyatt
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    @UKR - Thanks for your commentary. At this time, it's unfortunate that when it comes to "on time, with the correct amount and without any hassle," that Quicken QuickPay cannot be counted on to perform as solidly as its predecessor.

    For me personally, I prefer to 'send' the payment from my resources using tools available on my end, rather than allow the credit card companies to 'reach into' my bank accounts. Quicken has performed solidly for years...until recently.
    Quicken user since 1995 or so