Epically Bad Support


I've been using Quicken since 1998. I got my Dad on Quicken in 2011.

I'm pretty steamed right now, so apologies in advance.

Dad is now 97, and he can be pretty creative in how he breaks his file, but I always figure out how to fix it. I fixed it a month ago but he told me he can't reconcile. I see the problem but Quicken is asking for the quicken account login. It doesn't work. I reset the password and confirm username and no-go.

Chat tells me to ignore that window and work on the file. But I can't import anything.

The quicken login window keeps coming up and I have to close it up to ten times before it goes away. If I try, every login attempt fails. For some odd reason, the dialogue box will let me change the pw to something new, but then the dialogue box opens 3-10 times and I can't log in.

Anyway, I'm getting to my point. After a day or two on my own...

Chat 1 on day 1 says they've cleared the account and I can login. I can't. Repetitive login boxes.

Chat 2 on day 2 tells me that the account is under super lockdown and they can't reset it. Even closing the login box is a failed attempt. So I was screwed before I even had a chance. This needs to be escalated.

Why no email or message the account is locked? Why no notice of 3 strikes and you're out?

Schedule a call. I confirm my number multiple times in writing. They call my Dad's land line...

Chat 3 when I don't get the call.
They called my Dad's land line... "agent error". Set up another call.

Chat 4.
They don't call. 60 minutes of waiting with a 45 minute chat session. No explanation. Schedule ANOTHER call!

Chat 5.
They don't call again today, 10/13. I'm chatting to see if I can get on with my life or wait forever for a call. She says there was a power outage and my call today didn't get scheduled.

Are you KIDDING ME? So we reschedule the call again for 10/14.

Can't wait to see what happen this time. I've been floundering since 10/5, and the chats started 10/7.

Legendarily bad service.


  • Quicken Sarah
    Quicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod
    Hello @soundchasm

    Thank you for taking the time to share the details of your experience with the community, although I sincerely apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    I took the liberty of reviewing the case details and have requested that our team attempt to contact you again today.

    Please let us know how this call goes, thank you.

  • Ps56k2
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    Quicken Subscription - Windows 10
  • soundchasm
    soundchasm Member
    I did receive an unscheduled call. Thank you. The agent restored access to Quicken.com. I have a few thorny problem to iron out with Dad's file, but he'll call me back tomorrow, and I've done it before myself.

    My frustration is this has taken 7 days, with me taking one day to conclude I was helpless, so that's 8.

    Also, there is no notification that an account is locked up in Quicken Jail, or "3 strikes and you're out" warnings, nor is there an email sent indicating suspicious activity. Any of those measures would have saved me hours and hours.

    This is progress, and I appreciate it, but it's overdue.

  • BK
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    Hi @soundchasm , As another user like you with frustrations I would like to make a suggestion based on my personal experience: I have initiated phone calls to Quicken support a few times and every time I was connected within a few minutes.  Most resolved and some not.  My yesterday's call (to address an exceeded datasets warning) was connected almost immediately and the entire call lasted not even 5 minutes and it was resolved - he asked me to try it a few times to ensure it was cleared.  I realize that we don't make phone calls anymore and perhaps that is the reason we can get hold of people quickly - the old fashioned way.
    Glad your issue is now resolved.
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