Bill Reminder "estimate average amount" not working

When creating or editing a Bill Reminder, it is possible to enter the "Amount due" as a variable amount ("estimated amount") as calulcated by the average of the "last X payments" where X = 1-6.

This is a great feature, and the amount due is calulcated as expected *at the time of creation/edit*. The issue is that this value never changes. So for example, I have utility bills where the amount due varies wildly depending on the season and use "last 3 months" to calculate the estimated amount due. However, this value is never re-calculated, so how far the "amount due" is off depends on the time of year and typical seasonal usage of said utility.

Perhaps this behavior could be fixed/enhanced by having Quicken re-calculate the estimated amount due every time a new bill is entered in to the register? That would make the estimated amount much more accurate on a monthly basis.

Thank you for your consideration.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    edited October 2021
    Are these "Manual" bill reminders? In my experience, with Manual reminders Quicken does exactly what you are requesting - If you set the estimated amount due to Previous payments and pick N months, the estimated amount is set to the average of the last N months' payments. It may not let you make this choice if you are just getting started, because it does not have the historical data to work with.

    Also if you skip reminders, for example when you have not used a credit card and the payment due is zero, the zero does not get included in the average. 

    And, for utility bills that vary by season, I usually set the estimated amount to "Time of year" and it uses the payment from 12 months ago as the estimate. One issue with this is that it apparently has a +/- 7 day window when searching for the year-ago payment. If your actual payment was outside that range, it does not find last year's payment and it sets the estimate to 0.

    For example, I have a reminder for 11/11 with the estimate set for "Time of year". If last year's payment was before 11/4 or after 11/18, the estimate is zero. 

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  • steven.kerns
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    This seems like a bug rather than a feature request. It should enter an amount based on the previous payments. It doesn't work. Even when I edit the reminder to generate a new estimate and change the amount, it doesn't save the changed amount when I save. So it's doubly broken.