Add UPDATE TOTAL button to splits.

Once you have closed a deposit split, if you open it again to add another deposit to the split, the TOTAL does not update automatically. Old versions (e.g. v) had an UPDATE TOTAL button to correct the total after the new item was added.
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @George Graf After you add the new deposit split line, Quicken creates another split line for the negative amount, in order to keep the total unchanged. The trick to know is that you should now click the minus icon, which will delete the offsetting split AND update the transaction total to be the sum of the splits.

    In other words, Quicken already does what you want; you just have to know to click the minus icon to remove the remainder split line. This is, sadly, not intuitive; they could have done a better job with the user interface to make this more apparent to users.
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