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Since we cannot get access to doing file data analysis ourselves, it would be great if we had some reporting capability to analyze and summarize a QDF file.

I often have to open my files and open individual registers to see simple information about the contents.  

Something along the lines of:

File:   RQ2021

Type    Account                           Min Trans Date      Max Trans Date   Record Count

Bank    MyChecking                     2018-01-01          2021-10-20       4587
           MySavings                        2018-01-01          2021-09-24           88
CC       My M/C                            2018-01-01          2021-10-14       2345

Invst    My IRA                             1989-01-01          2021-10-20        6723
           My Broker                         1978-01-01          2021-10-20       8845

As I work with over 30 historical files archived by year I have had to repeatedly export my Q data from over 30 files, and import them into a custom cumulative database system of my own design.  

One of the things I check as I work with the data is that my desired historical data is included and my obsolete data is purged.  I can even flag file and account which has a discrepancy for further checking.

Over the years I have done things I wish I hadn't with my data, and often need to review/modify file content.  It would also be good of we could more easily handle data movement between files, specifically investment accounts.  As we age and have more history, the investment/asset data becomes more important than last months checking/credit card data.  On the other hand, as my files grow in size and record counts, the performance definitely deteriorates regardless of what some folks report.  Saving a row should not take 8-10 seconds with the screen flickering.  Thus I have to cut file size to make the product usable.

Quicken needs to pay more respect to long-term faithful users in terms of the value of our history.  They could start with giving us more access to OUR DATA.

For these reasons I have at this point stopped version updating and will not pay a subscription for a product that less-and-less pays attention to my needs.   


Faithful Q user since 1986, with historical data beginning in 1943, programmer, database designer and developer for 42 years, general troublemaker on Community.Quicken.Com
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