Recurring Charges Report (Q Mac)

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I'd like a Recurring Charges report that identifies charges across my accounts that re-occur every period (monthly, weekly, semi-annually, yearly, etc)
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  • jacobs
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    Just to understand your request further, are you wanting Quicken to try to identify charges which have occurred at regular intervals and compile them into a report? Or do you want a report of your future scheduled transactions in Quicken? 

    The former seems possible, but probably unlikely, to me. It would require sifting through a lot of data and applying a lot of assumptions to come up with a meaningful report. for instance, you go the the dentist twice a year, but it's not precisely every six months; would it/should it pick up on that pattern and include it? Or: I have a subscription which is charged roughly every 8 weeks, but not on the same day each time; should Quicken pick up that recurring cycle? If I ate at a restaurant roughly six months apart, how would Quicken know to not include that in such a report? It just seems to me it would be difficult to define the rules for what's included or not. If it's only on strict schedules, people would complain and ask for options to add plus-or-minus a certain number of days, and the ability to include or exclude certain Payees, and it just seems it would be a pretty complex thing to build.

    If instead you are talking about a report of your scheduled transactions, would this be basically a printed version of what yo can see on the Bills & Income > Bills screen? Or are you asking for something which displays the frequency settings for each scheduled transaction?
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