October update - [Edited]

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Since the October update, I can't do anything on Quicken!
I can't manually put in a transaction in my registers (I do not like downloading from internet - I want to just put in transactions manually)
When I click on future transactions and press Enter (to enter it in the register, it disappears from my list but it does not show up in the register.
A LOT of my past transactions have empty lines in the register - therefore, the register shows a different amount than the upper left amount - totally blows my mind - register is about $5000 different than the upper left amount that is truly in the bank.
I am not a techy person - my son is a computer programmer - he tried a lot of backup ideas that he saw on the forum, none of them helped. I look through and they are asking if I save on cloud or other places - I don't know...... I'm very very very very frustrated!!

What can I do? Do I delete all of these accounts and start over again? I've had Quicken for about 20 years!! Ugh!! We're in October and I use this to do a lot of "end of the year" reports!!



  • MRumpel
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    Also, I'm noticing that when I change my register columns (because everything reset in the update and gave me all of these columns that I don't want) that my Date choice is not highlighted - different color than the rest - therefore, I'm thinking something is reset with dates and that's why everything is screwed up ...... any ideas?
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    It sounds like you have your register sorted to something other than the date, Click in the Date column header to sort by date. Click it again to sort in reverse order if desired.

    And the reason you can't select Date in the column selection menu is because it is a required field that can't be turned off.
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