Changing Business Number

This subject has been asked before but discussions are closed without providing the answer. I need to change my business number as it is showing up on my invoices and is incorrect. My tax line shows up on my invoices like this:

GST (Reg No. HST 85XXXXXXRT0001) $X.XX

I want to either remove everything inside the bracket or at least change the number. The "HST" should not even be in the account number. Preferably only the 85XXXXXXRT001 should show as the business number. Note this is the Canadian Edition of Quicken Business. I would appreciate knowing where the information in the brackets is being pulled from. I've been through every Business Tool, Account Tools, Tax Setup etc. to no avail.

Thank you.


  • Rodski
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    :) I finally found the solution, so I though that I would post it here so that others with the same issue can resolve it.

    Go to your Business tab and click on one of the A/R Invoice Accounts. In the gear symbol in the upper right corner, click on "Edit Account Details Crtl+Shift+E". If "Tax-tracking enabled" option is set to "Yes", you will see "Tax Reg. number (1)" and "Tax Reg. number (2)" where you should see the Tax or Business Number (for GST in Canada). It is this number that is then printed on the Invoices. You can remove it completely or you can enter your new number. NOTE: You must do this for each of your A/R Invoice Accounts. It certainly is NOT in an intuitive location!

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