Dashboard and Portfolio Filter to Allow / Show All Security Holdings At Once.

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I would like to see / suggest the Investing Dashboard and Portfolio windows's filter capability be expanded from single currencies (i.e. in my case EITHER CAD or USD) to all currencies (i.e. in my case BOTH CAD and USD) similar to the capabilities of QWin.

I would appreciate the comments / thoughts of others.

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  • jacobs
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    I'd just note that this is one of many issues involved in Quicken Mac not yet having full support for multiple currencies. There is a long-running Idea thread requesting such functionality for Quicken Mac. The good news is that the developers have marked this "Planned", meaning they have made a commitment to implement robust multi-currency features and have this on their development roadmap. The bad news is that no one knows how long it will be until such functionality begins to appear. ;)
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  • JoelC
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    @jacobs , again, I appreciate the respond as well as the URL (which I will read)!

    And while the roadmap and timing of future QMac upgrades is unknown one can only hope that it will sooner rather than later have the same functionality as QWin.