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Would you like to see better HELP content for Lifetime Planner? 

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Over the years, I've found that some in-app and support help content for Lifetime Planner is obsolete, missing, poorly written or contradictory...  I am guessing there are bigger issues in other areas here as well.

Feel free to contribute examples, in this thread,  of where Lifetime Planner Help, in-app or other support content, falls short.   Do your best to describe and illustrate (if necessary) the issue.  


Here is a starter...

Quicken tips for entering SS benefits that are outdated

No longer is Quicken using "rough estimates" from CCH Incorporated as one of two methods of estimating SS "annual benefit", as indicated in HELP.    There is only one method and that is through

Some time back, Quicken reworked this aspect of LTP to direct users toward to obtain and use "Your Social Security Statement" as input to "benefit amount" and 'age".   

A side note....users can use SSA provided tools to further refine their social security benefit should the future income assumptions contained in the statement be different from what they expect.

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  • Scooterlam
    Scooterlam SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
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    Quicken help content describing Social Security Retirement Earning Test needs update

    HELP content must reflect what is actually implemented in Quicken Lifetime Planner!

    Reference URL and comments on image.

    • RET levels and reductions in help content not consistent with what is implemented in LTP
    • Update reference to Full Retirement Age (FRA).   Depending on birthday it can vary between 65 and 67.
    • First and fourth bullets are confusing.  Could be more clear.  Ref. comments on image.