Locking backup file with password after last update

This happened to me in August, where I went to open my Quicken and the last backup was locked with a password I did not set. The staff tried to help me unlock it but were not successful. I have followed all of the steps they suggested to keep this from happening again and despite my changes (backing up more, saving on the hard drive instead of one drive, etc...) it has now happened again. This is becoming extremely frustrating as it's a waste of my time to have to rebalance accounts that I have already balanced. PLEASE FIX THIS error.


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    Yes, this needs to be fixed.
    Not a solution but a workaround to share: You mentioned you are backing up more which is the key.  To build on that, I have gotten into the habit of creating a backup EVERY time I make a change and about to close Quicken.  So when this issue happens again, little or nothing is lost.
    Edit: What Quicken version are you on that this happened again?
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  • Definitely a HUGE bug in Quicken, the same happened to me this week and support has been unable to help. I have a backup from two months ago that I can still open, but I have zero desire to sync & re-enter two months worth of data only to risk having this problem happen again.

    As far as I can tell, the version that locked me out of my file was 35.31 since that's stamped on the backup I can't open. The last backup I can open is stamped 34.24.

    Quicken team please fix this and keep us updated on the resolution!
  • - update on my comment above in case anyone else is searching for a solution -
    I noticed that my data file was in a directory synced by OneDrive and I have since read that Quicken does not get along well with backup software like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. so that is a potential cause of file corruption. I decided to bite the bullet and spend a few hours starting over from the old backup with a new file outside the OneDrive folder. I hope that plus frequent backups to the OneDrive folder will offer some level of protection to keep this from happening again. (fingers crossed, knocking on wood)
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