Enhance reoccurring Schedule Bill & Income Reminders

I would like the ability to have a single payee reminder that includes multiple due dates that are flexible (i.e., user picks the dates based on the date which it repeats). It would be similar to the current "Twice a year" option, but expanded to allow for more than just two dates.

Currently, Quicken for Mac limits the frequency periods (e.g., Once, Monthly, Every two weeks, Twice a year, etc.).

I have situations where I have payees where the payment frequency does not repeat at the default intervals. As an example:
  • (1) Due on 11.05.2021
  • (2) Due on 12.10.2021
  • (3) Due on 02.25.2022
  • (4) Due on 07.15.2022,
  • (5) Due on 08.01.2022,
  • (6) Due on 10.25.2022,
  • (7) Due on 11.05.2022
  • (8) Due on 11.30.2022 and
  • (9) Due on 12.15.2022.

Currently (using my example above), I created 9 scheduled reminders for the same payee for each specific date.

Here’s an example how this would work:
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  • ClintC
    ClintC Unconfirmed, Member
    Why, oh why is it so hard to find a place to submit suggestions for improvements? Don't know if this will work or not but can't find any place else!

    Two suggestions.
    1) Put in the ability to create groups of either reminders or memorized transactions and then, with a single click have Quicken post all of these transactions in the group to a month you specify. One could group all of the beginning of month deposits and get each to post to the registry with a single click! So convenient.

    2) New transactions are currently entered at the top of the registry. Provide an option to display this blank entry record at the top of the most current date. Thus if I have future transactions entered (which I do for planning) I would not have to scroll to the top just to put in a new record... I keep my registry at the transition point between past transactions and future transactions... that is where I want to continue working.