What's Happening in the Quicken Community November '21 Edition

Quicken Sarah
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It’s been a busy month in the community with new product releases, backend changes in the connections for downloading transactions and many financial institutions enhancing security protocols resulting in many experiencing an increase in errors when updating accounts.

We wanted to take a moment and send a huge THANK YOU!! to our community for sharing their experiences, reporting issues, and working with our teams through troubleshooting steps. 

Your insights and input are invaluable in helping identify problems and implement solutions. 

We encourage anyone experiencing an issue to share their experience, questions, or concerns with the community or submit it to Quicken directly through the Report a Problem tool found in the Quicken Help menu.


Mac v6.4.3 & v6.4.4

Charles Schwab account holders: Update now to continue downloading transactions from Schwab. We've been working with Schwab on a new, upgraded connection which improves performance, security, and reliability. You will need version 6.4.3 to take advantage of this new connection. The old Schwab connection will be discontinued soon, so please upgrade now.

What's fixed

  • Fixed an issue where Quicken gets stuck when upgrading financial institution connectivity.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause transaction downloads to fail, which caused the update button to spin indefinitely.
  • Improved performance during the connectivity upgrade process.
  • Made it easier for existing Schwab customers to switch to the new connection.
Windows R36.38


  • We are updating our connectivity with financial institutions to improve the speed, security, and reliability of downloading transactions. This includes improvements to the process for adding investment accounts.
  • We’re updating the infrastructure used to connect Quicken to financial institutions, making it more secure and reliable. This is part of a long-term rollout that started in the last release. We have updated the connection infrastructure to Charles Schwab. Customers with Charles Schwab should update now to continue downloading transactions. You will need this version to take advantage of this new connection. The old Charles Schwab connection will be discontinued, so you should upgrade immediately.

What's fixed

  • An issue in which Quicken crashed when deleting the last account in a synchronized data file.
  • Issues with categories appearing for new retail users.
  • An issue in which some investment accounts that had been converted from Simple Investing to Complete Investing were converted back to Simple Investing due to a preference change.
  • An issue in which bills that were in the Awaiting next bill status were not shown on the Bills dashboard.

During October we saw, 1,221 new discussions posted, with 5,646 comments shared and a total of 9,270 Active Users!