Tax Planner: Charitable Contributions with Standard Deduction

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The IRS allows you to deduct $300 (single) or $600 (joint) in cash charitable contributions even if you are taking the standard deduction. The Tax Planner does not seem to reflect that.

Here's the IRS rule:
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  • charity non cash value
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    charity non cash value
    Is that an item you would like to be added to the Tax Planner?

    You can record a non-cash gift in Quicken by making the gift from an Asset account and the Tax Planner will include it in your YTD contributions. Then it will also show up in the Tax reports.

    Or you could enter it as an Adjustment in the Charitable Contributions section.
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    I would vote this down if that option was available.  Tax rules change.  Quicken is not a tax planning program and I rather the developers focus on their core business rather than ever-changing tax rules.
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