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Once again, it seems like Quicken has chosen to treat its neighbors to the north as second class citizens. Why do Quicken Canada customers not have access to Portfolio X-Ray?

I would like to recommend that Quicken Canada users be given access to Portfolio X-Ray like all other Quicken users.
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  • Art H
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    I've spent 20 minutes trying to find out why I don't have Portfolio X-Ray in my up to date version of Quicken Home and Business. Then I find out it's not available in Canada.

    So why did Quicken send me an email telling me about all the features?? The marketing and communications department is tone-deaf to their international customers.

    I've been a customer since 1993 and one thing I've learned is to always look to other finance and investing programs for those features that Quicken doesn't offer.

    So is Canada going to get this feature and when??
    Quicken Canada H&B 2019 ver: R16.18 Build on Win 10 build 1809