Reinstate File>copy file function

I used to use this feature in place of the back up feature. This has gone away, and instead there is a "copy or backup file" feature. The problem is, using that feature all online banking features are disabled. This means that I cannot copy the file and use the new copy. I have to use the original copy, which is old. Please either reinstate the ability to do "File>copy file" or allow online banking capability to exist on copied files using the "copy or backup file" feature. Thanks.


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    There is an internal problem that the "copy" function created.... this has been discussed in other threads.
    If you want an exact copy to use, just create the "backup" and rename it to a normal QDF file suffix.
    OR - just use the Windows File Explorer - and use the normal Copy & Paste functions

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    I suggest you consider voting for: Reinstate the "FILE - SAVE AS" function
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    I was looking into this also because in a previous poster's recommendation, a File/File operations/copy possibly removes left over space from delete (or so). I'm not sure removing the ability for online replication without building them all from bottom's up saves that much space. I did see some space savings though that's not what I aiming for. I wonder how much fragmentation is left there. I tried restoring from a backup also into a new file but oddly that also remained the same size.