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In quicken for Windows, you can hide "cents" making reports easier to read. Why can't you (still) not do this for the Mac version?
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  • ESPartee
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    Is there truly no way to hide cents? Why do we have to look at the cents???

    Why is there no export to excel where we could do our own formatting? The export to CSV is a mess to try to clean up because it includes extraneous characters and columns.
  • jacobs
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    @ESPartee No, there are no report formatting options for turning off cents. This Idea post is the request from users to create such functionality. I'd note that this Idea has not garnered many votes, which may indicate why this has been lower on the developers' priority list than many other desired features.

    I don't export a lot of reports, but I haven't experienced problems exporting to CSV and opening in Excel or Numbers. What problems are you encountering? If there are clear-cut reproducible issues, they should be reported as bugs. (Perhaps this would be better in a separate thread.)
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