Problem paying Duke Energy

I've been paying Duke Energy as an online biller for gas and electric since starting with bill manager (and bill pay before that). I recently received my latest bill and tried to pay it. When I try to submit the payment I receive an error stating:

"Could not initiate payment on biller site via service provider.
Additional information: Bill Pay Service provider did not respond to Review Payment request.

Log in to biller website with browser to proceed."

Just before this, I paid my Internet and phone provider with no trouble.

I only have about 8 monthly payments. Two are for credit cards that do not work with bill manager. One is for my water supplier that does not work with bill manager. Now my utility provider. I'm wondering why I'm paying for bill manager if I have to go through the inconvenience of going to so many individual web sites anyway. So much for ease of use.


  • michaelkfox
    michaelkfox Member ✭✭
    I'm having the exact problem with Duke. I did see on their website that Duke was upgrading their commerce/online payment system but was supposed to be back online 11/5. I'm guessing they broke the comm link that Bill Manager uses. They may not even know about it. I'm going to give them this week before paying them directly.
  • michaelkfox
    michaelkfox Member ✭✭
    update... their website says they are still working on updating their systems. they are not charging any late fees or doing cutoffs while this is going on. Just wait....