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My quicken file has gotten really big (4GB) which I suspect was caused by too many attachments. Loading the file takes at least 15 minutes for me. I've deleted old accounts but it did not make too much of a difference. Deleting attachments from each transaction will take me all day due to the three-click process to locate attachment, show, and then delete.

It would be nice for the next update to allow attachment deletion at once (by date/category/payee).
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  • jacobs
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    Sounds like a useful idea. With all the other enhancement ideas currently on the development roadmap, I wouldn't expect to see something like this anytime soon, though.

    One thing I wanted to ask you about: is your Quicken data file store on your local hard drive (e.g. not on a cloud storage service like Dropbox or iCloud)? I'm not sure why large attachment file sizes would affect the launch speed of Quicken unless the file is being moved, like from cloud storage to a local computer. 

    Many users here recommend keeping receipts and other documents separate from Quicken, in folders organized by year/month, by category, or by payees. This results in a small Quicken data file not bogged down by the attachments every time you back up your Quicken file, and not at risk should your Quicken data file suffer any corruption.

    But I understand your point that there's no good way to remove existing attachments. There is a drastic -- and definitely not supported -- way you can extract all your attachments from Quicken in one step, and then over time, reorganize the files. How? If you Control-Click on your Quicken data file, select View Package Contents from the pop-up menu. This will show you a Finder window with the files and folders within you Quicken data file. One of those folder is "attachments". Open it and you'll see the complex hierarchical system Quicken uses to store the attachments. Select All and drag the content of the attachments folder to a blank folder on your Desktop. Now you'll have no attachments in your Quicken data file. But you'll have a big job to re-organize the extracted attachments. The other issue is that Quicken doesn't know all the attachments have disappeared -- but if you just remove the Attachment column from your register, then it's out of sight/out of mind. (Please make a copy of your Quicken data file before you try this, just in case anything goes wrong.)
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