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I have recently noticed that an update from this summer(don't know which one) caused split mortgage transactions to "disconnect". For example, I manually post a mortgage payment from my checking account with a split between the principle and interest. The principle portion should decrease the mortgage liability account and the interest portion should add to the category for mortgage interest. This worked beautifully for years. Somehow, one of the updates separated these and the checking account now shows the full amount allocated either nowhere or to the mortgage liability account. This overwrote manual entries. Then, going to the mortgage liability account to view transactions show a principle amount reduction yet it is not showing as coming from any transaction. This error has gone back as far as 2017. I should note that I am a 40 year retired CPA who has used Quicken for more than 20 years. So I understand accounting quite well. I have also validated and super validated my accounts. Obviously 2017 is too far back to restore a backup. I am thinking there is no way to relink these and I am looking at 4 years of deleting and re-entering these transactions. Curiously, this happened on a regular deposit that had a split and also on the typical car payment transaction for two cars. Other kinds of split transactions seem to be unaffected.

Any advice?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @CRRen

    I am sorry to hear that you are having this problem.

    You said "Obviously 2017 is too far back to restore a backup.".  So one thing that I want to mention, at the outset, is that even though this recent "data corruption" has affected transactions going back some 4 years, you may be able to restore a much more recent backup file (not a file that was backed up in 2017) to get your datafile where it was before this happened.

    As a CPA, I am sure that you will appreciate that this type of problem should not happen.  However, the more complex these types of applications become in terms of connectivity, mobility, and on-line features, the more exposed they become to flaws.  But I do agree this type of failure should not occur.

    That being said, I would suggest that you restore a recent back from a date before you noticed this problem.  If that backup also has the flaws, try restoring older files successively until you find one that doesn't exhibit the problem.  Next I suggest that you perform a file validation on that file (just to make sure there are no problems with that datafile) before moving forward.

    Let me know if you have any questions or followups.


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  • CRRen
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    Thank you, FrankX, for your quick response. I had already looked into your suggestion. Unfortunately, I have had too many other transactions for this to be a practical solution as well as the fact that I generally keep 30 days of backups and the corruption occurred farther back than that. I generally reconcile these type of transactions once a quarter and did not detect this until this September. I did not detect this because the running balance on each account is either correct (in the case of checking account) or nearly correct (so close to correct, I didn't see it at first) in the mortgage liability account. I was hoping for some way to "Match" these transactions or to re-link them. I guess I am stuck with a very basic procedure of deleting and re-entering.

    I hear you on your response about the complexity of Quicken. After many years of being relatively happy with Quicken, the last two years since they went to their new model has hardly made the cost worth it. The only reason I stay is because of significant investment activity that no competition I have found comes close to matching. I wish Quicken would quit messing around so much with the basic function of their program.
  • garysmith87
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    Just a shot in the dark here...is your Quicken data file set up to use the Quicken Cloud and Sync to Mobile?

    If so, turn off Sync to Mobile, exit Quicken and restart Quicken after about 15 seconds.

    See if your split transactions magically re-appear.

  • CRRen
    CRRen Member ✭✭
    @garysmith87 Thank you. Sync to Mobile was turned off. So that is not the problem. The mobile app is terrible and after trying several times to use it, I have determined it is not worth using. These unattached split transactions show up as uncategorized in Reports but cannot be re-linked to the original entry.
  • garysmith87
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    Have you tried to Validate your data file?  And possibly even SuperValidate it?

    Sometimes your data file can get corrupted and one of the symptoms is messed up category links.  

    Make a backup of your data file first. 
  • CRRen
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    @garysmith87 yes, I have done this (both). this does not show up as a problem in the validation reports. I have been working on deleting and re-entering these transactions. That does work, it is just tedious.
  • maratekin
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    I just discovered that a number of transactions that have extensive splits are completely lost - they appear to allocate to the first category of the split. I found this as I was doing analysis on next year's health plan options. I have over 30 years of data in Quicken, and I now have zero confidence in it.

    I am now tasked with the duty of scanning through all my backups in the hope that these past splits will still exist (and I am not optimistic that this will be the case). Best case scenario is that I spend an immense amount of time to hobble my file back together; given the recent issues with the software, I'm not confident that these steps - even if successful - won't be reversed again.

    Can someone from the Quicken organization please address these issues? This is ridiculous - Quicken is a financial planning and productivity tool, and the current performance of the product means it is failing on both fronts. I have been a strong advocate for over thirty years; however, my confidence in the product and the company is completely shot.
  • CRRen
    CRRen Member ✭✭
    @maratekin This was my problem also. I have over 15 years of data and this kind of problem went back through 4 years of some (not all) transactions with missing split transactions. Same thing for me where the payment amount was reset so my checking account always balanced. I even have investment transactions that were messed up. The ONLY thing I could do was go through each transaction, delete it, re-enter the transaction. I could not relink these transactions nor could I rebuild from backups as this error went back a few month before I realized what was happening. I simply had too many complex transactions to want to spend the extraordinary amount of time to rebuild ALL of my activity. I experienced this on a mortgage payment with principal and interest split, social security deposits with a split to gross up the amount received and then deduct Medicare part B withheld premiums, car loans principal and interest split and some investment transactions. In 2021, I am suddenly left with uncategorized "zero" amount investment transactions. When going to the matching transaction, I can only see the possibility that this is a commission amount (which should be zero since I don't pay commissions).

    I should also note that Validate and Super Validate did not disclose this issue. So what am I doing now to make sure I discover this sooner? I run an uncategorized transaction report every day before I backup (which I do daily). I found that all of these showed up on an uncategorized transaction report. I sure miss the old Microsoft Money software-NEVER had issues. I think Quicken is trying to do too many things and is losing track of keeping the integrity of basic functions for financial reporting.
  • MoonDogg
    MoonDogg Member
    Just discovered this issue in my file as well. At first I noticed it on one loan. Payments from my checking are normally split with principal from Checking to the Loan account, and interest to the Loan Interest category. My Checking register showed the full amount going to the Loan account. However, the Loan account shows only the principle coming from Checking. The interest amount disappeared. I also validated my file with no errors.

    In my case I simple edited the existing transaction in Checking, adding the correct split items.

    However, a few days later I discovered it wasn't just one loan, but several, including multiple mortgages. I have way to many recent transactions to do a restore at this point. Not going to be fun cleaning these up.
  • WordStar
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    I had a similar problem, probably due to same error in Qkn code. Split transactions in an investment account cash register show up in income report totals, but not in balance sheet totals. I went back and eliminated splits, losing some information but getting reports that agree.
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