Downloading Receipts from ApplePay

Often when I buy things from Apple Pay, I do not get a receipt. Why can't Quicken download those receipts from my phone? In that way, when I buy gas, I don't have to get the receipt from the pump. This would help users better manage their finances.
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Howard M. But where would Quicken get those receipts from? You're asking every credit card merchant to make transactional receipts available online, and to have a way for users (and Quicken) to log in and download them. For instance, when you buy gas at a local Exxon station, can you later log into Exxon to download the receipt? In the case of most merchants, the answer is no. Well, Quicken can't download something that doesn't exist, and there is no such infrastructure in the financial services industry. 
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