Cloud Sync Removes Income Deposit

I have my income deposits set up to deposit on their respective dates. It never fails, any time I 'Sync changes to the Quicken Cloud' it will remove the next instance of one or more income deposits. So when I open up my file again my projected balance is off because the next income deposit is not present. I end up having to find the income deposit and update it settings to reflect the correct date for the next transaction. This only happens when I 'Sync changes to the Quicken Cloud'.
I've looked around and I can't figure out what I may be doing wrong... so I feel this may be a bug.


  • Catscanman
    Catscanman Member
    Same here, I found most of my paychecks were now listed as a debit for some misc amount. I had to re-enter the data for each line item in the paycheck since March of this year.
  • jscongdon
    jscongdon Member
    I'm not sure I hadn't thought of doing this before... but I just deleted those income deposits from the Quicken file. Synced to the cloud. Closed the Quicken file. Opened the Mobile App. Closed the Mobile App. Opened the Quicken file. Re-entered the income deposits. Synced to the cloud.
    On first sync, everything appears to still be there. Will continue to monitor and report any changes.
  • jscongdon
    jscongdon Member
    On my last sync, a couple of days ago... it happened again. My next income deposits set for 12/6 were removed. 🤦‍♂️
    This is ridiculous.