Charles Schwab Update Issues (WINDOWS) [Edited]



  • A new wrinkle with the so-called Schwab patch: after downloading 36.45, One Step update (OSU) is fundamentally not working for me in a couple of ways:

    1. Several accounts will not update at all, and are not listed as even eligible for download from the vault. OSU is asking for passwords for several of my accounts, including Chase and Amex credit cards, TD Ameritrade brokerage, and mysteriously one of my bank accounts (but not my wife's identical type of account at the same bank). I input the password on the OSU screen for, e.g., Chase, and get a popup saying "Please Enter your Passwords -- to continue, enter the password for the following institutions -- Chase" and it takes me back to the password entry screen I just completed. I get the same popup messsage when I try to update [Chase] from the individual account transaction register page, and Chase is not listed in the vault as one of the accounts for which I could add a password. Indeed, when go to Edit Passord Vault, the "add password" "change password and "delete password" are completely greyed out. When I press "Done" on this screen, I get "You have no passwords to store. Do you wish to add passwords" and selecting yes takes me back to the immediately prior screen with the greyed out options. So is Quicken now requiring me to change credit cards and change banks and brokers if I want to download these accounts ??

    2. Other of the accounts which are listed in OSU -- notably Schwab -- go through the motions of updating in OSU, but I'm reasonably confident that they are not actually updating. As part of this fiasco, I have manually input all of the transactions for Nov 15-24. After OSU, the schwab account does not show a Match for these transactions -- and they remain uncleared in the transaction register. In the Edit Password Vault, the Schwab line (a) has a new ~18 digit master account number that I've never seen, and (b) refers to a couple of my Schwab accounts, but I can't see the full list. The individual Schwab transaction registers claim that the accounts were downloaded today but, as noted above, nothing is getting cleared.


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    As of this morning (11/25/21) my Schwab account status:
    1) after deleting my quicken program completely then reinstalling, I was able to link accounts and remove the 501 error. (The reinstalled program had same R #, as I recalll R37.45.)
    2) the program promptly delivered 765 duplicate transactions, which had to be reviewed and deleted 1 at a time, took hours. At conclusion my cash balance was slightly off, for unknown reasons. Used WITTBI entry, I did have one purchased interest between 19th and 25th that may be it?
    3) many of stock prices and ALL of bond prices do NOT agree with Schwab. Bond price are only off slightly, but all of them are wrong when compared to Schwab. Schwab accounts can not be reconciled with out massive amounts of hand work.

    Really disappointed in Quicken not being on top of this B4 the transition. The point of having a subscription service is the ability to download and reconcile balances seamlessly. I have over 12 hours of my time, and still can not balance exactly, due mostly to apparently bad price information being fed into program. I hope quicken will consider some adjustment in subscription time for this major inconvenience. 

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    After installing QW27.1.36.45MPatch, I was able to authorize and download my Schwab accounts. I had these new problems:
    (1) CRITICAL: Linking accounts, Quicken seems to depend on partial matches of account number. However, two of my Schwab accounts have the same last 3 digits (Schwab accounts are 8 digits, "xxxx-xxxx" -- I hope they aren't masking it). All downloaded transactions for two different Schwab accounts showed up in one Quicken account (several hundred!). This may continue as new transactions download.
    (2) MAJOR: In addition to transactions for the wrong account, had to delete 100+ unmatched "New" transactions with incorrect amounts, dividend + buy vs. reinvested, etc. I checked against Schwab's history to verify.
    (3) MAJOR: Securities balances are very mismatched, probably due to (1)
    (4) New options transactions won't log, e.g., short sale without the referenced option, which is in the other account. Related to (1) and (3)
    (5) Quicken is prompting for impossible mergers/renames (e.g., Microsoft vs. Square? securities vs. options?)
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    Accounts seemed to have linked but no download.
  • With the new download method, investment transactions are being categorized as interest income when they're really long- or short-term capital gains. What should be a reinvestment transaction is broken into two different transactions, but the income transaction does not add to the cash balance, which it should if there is a subsequent "buy" transaction. Also, all of a sudden I am seeing Schwab Government Money Fund purchases and sales, when really that's just the cash balance. Whatever is going on, Quicken and Schwab are not playing nice together.
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    Nov 27 2021 - Still ongoing issues with Schwab.

    I talked to a Schwab customer service representative (SRCS) over the last few days and I was informed they are aware of problems still existing - I communicate the issues effecting me below in "What's not working". The SRCS did not have information directly from the team and/or developers working on this and when it will be resolved.

    Needless to say, this is fustrating.

    What Is Working:
    1. Resovled connection issue between Q and Schwab by removing connected accounts
    and re-adding them back with Release R37.25.
    2. Mutual funds and individual stock prices are updating.

    What's Not Working:
    1. Individual corporate bonds not updating.
    2. Past and current trades over the last fews days are not downloading.

    Ver: R37.25
    Windows 10 home
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    I'm having the same issue. Have gone through reauthorization several times, but Update still not downloading transactions. Looks like it's working, but no downloading. Schwab was no help and says it's a Quicken problem.
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