Target Red Card not downloading transactions (WINDOWS)

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  • SteveH28
    SteveH28 Member
    I'm having the same problem trying to download transactions for the Target Red Card, from Target National Bank. The error says "it's not my fault", but no help on fixing it....
  • taffeys
    taffeys Member ✭✭✭
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    I'm having the same problem. I also noticed Target turned on 2-factor authentication on their website and Quicken began failing to get the transactions from Target. Then the 2-factor request began blocking logging into the account requiring me to call Target to unlock my account. I have disabled Quicken access to my Target account until Quicken fixes the problem.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64
  • lzvn5801
    lzvn5801 Member
    Same issue here, waiting for Quicken to provide a fix so I don't have to manually download from Target.
  • badagliacca
    badagliacca Member ✭✭
    Same result here. Any official Quicken response?
  • jenngine
    jenngine Member ✭✭
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    [Removed-Disruptive] At the moment Quicken's method for accessing Target is actually blocking/locking us out of our online banking and we have to spend time contacting Target to reset accounts. We would appreciate honesty and integrity on the part of Quicken moderators here. Thank you.
  • rgumpertz
    rgumpertz Member ✭✭✭✭
    Same problem with Quicken for Windows
  • Liz Renninger
    Liz Renninger Member ✭✭
    Same problem for the past week. Quicken for Windows.
  • jenngine
    jenngine Member ✭✭
    > @Quicken Paloma said:
    > Hello @Everyone
    > An update/response regarding this issue has been received. Target Red Card was removed intentionally. It's no longer a supported connection. We apologize for the inconvenience. If further assistance is needed, we encourage users to contact Target Red Card customer support. 
    > Hope this provides clarity. 
    > -Quicken Paloma

    Does this mean that Quicken is no longer supporting a connection to Target Red Card permanently? If so is there an explanation from management? Where do we file a formal complaint to Quicken management that the product becoming less efficient for users is not acceptable? Thank you.
  • dfrancyk
    dfrancyk Member
    I had to disable the download because everytime it tries to download it gets blocked and then my account is locked if I try to log in through the internet. I have to call to get it unlocked.
  • TGee
    TGee Member
    I've been having the same problem and spoke with Target Red Card customer support. I was told that Target changed their security protocol about a week ago. She suggested that I access the account with a browser and manually download transactions. I told her that I would probably close my account.
  • taffeys
    taffeys Member ✭✭✭
    Looks like I'll have to go back to importing a QFX file from our Target Red Card.
    Quicken Deluxe Version R37.37 Build
    Windows 10 Pro x64
  • iusdcm1
    iusdcm1 Member ✭✭
    Same problem for me with quicken windows. Any update?
  • richardspda
    richardspda Member ✭✭
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    I also have this problem with Quicken Mac and just had to have my account unlocked by calling INTO Target Red Card. [Removed-Disruptive]

    Where is the Quicken "Alerts & Known Product Issues" notice on this??
  • mazur777
    mazur777 Member
    I also registered a complaint with Target National Bank...need more to contact them and complain
  • briang_simi
    briang_simi Member ✭✭
    Adding another voice...attempting to connect is locking my RCAM account and the .qfx import is not working, either. (OL-221)

    I've called and sent a secure message to Target, but it sure would be nice to know that Quicken's aware ("Alerts & Known Product Issues") and working on our behalf to resolve.
  • Quicken Paloma
    Quicken Paloma Moderator mod
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    Hello @brian_simi and @richardspda

    Thank you for your feedback. We are aware of the current issue and as previously stated Target Red Card is no longer a supported connection. Meaning importing an OFX file may not work as intended or at all. Fixing this is difficult when the connections themselves are no longer supported. In addition, the QFX file is provided by the financial institution. Please reach out to the financial institution for further assistance. 

    Hope this provides clarity. 

    -Quicken Paloma
  • greenD2021
    greenD2021 Member
    Think everyone is having a similar problem. They changed their security protocol and using quicken with the account doesn't work/locks the account. You can't even deactivate the quicken link and try to set up again.
  • I sent a complaint as well today. Not expecting much.
  • EDacho
    EDacho Member ✭✭
    I tried downloading a QFX file from Target and importing it into Quicken but I don't see any transactions updated in the Quicken register. There's no Quicken import error message. Anyone folks out there able to upload the Target QFX export file to into Quicken?
  • taffeys
    taffeys Member ✭✭✭
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    EDacho said:
    I tried downloading a QFX file from Target and importing it into Quicken but I don't see any transactions updated in the Quicken register. There's no Quicken import error message. Anyone folks out there able to upload the Target QFX export file to into Quicken?
    Yes, I just downloaded a QFX file and it was successfully imported into Quicken. I had to define the correct account for the import. You have to define the data for the QFX, I used a date range. 
    Quicken Deluxe Version R37.37 Build
    Windows 10 Pro x64
  • Helmut Bode
    Helmut Bode Member ✭✭
    just called Target to reset my blocked account due to multiple Quicken attempts to download. I gave them a piece of my mind. Then I was told that they are re-doing their website and only password will be required again. I asked when this will be done and was told it takes about 7 to 10 days.
  • Sandi Spires
    Sandi Spires Member ✭✭
    My automatic update also failed. Downloaded QFX from redcard site failed with OL-220-b. But when I constrained the dates to 9-Nov thru today, I was able to import those QFX transactions.

    I am disappointed if Target has dropped Quicken. If anyone knows where to direct complaints, please share!
  • mzpapa
    mzpapa Member ✭✭
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    Will Quicken eventually (again) support Target Red Card? I had same problem and deleted the account and was going to just create it again. The Target Red Card link is no longer listed and the link that is there is for online shopping, not
  • TW767
    TW767 Member ✭✭
    On the phone with Quicken support for an hour yesterday and the gentleman I talked with was completely clueless about this problem, he kept insisting it was a problem with my .qdf file. Quicken needs to make a announcement regarding this problem.
  • Greg Brown
    Greg Brown Member ✭✭✭✭
    I am having same issue. Last download was 11/12/21.
  • mpbundy
    mpbundy Member ✭✭
    I am experiencing the same problem. In reading through this thread I am shocked that Quicken discontinued access/support for Target and failed to notify users. What absolutely terrible customer service.
  • Greg Brown
    Greg Brown Member ✭✭✭✭
    I agree an announcement from Quicken was certainly warranted on this issue.
  • MSVA
    MSVA Member ✭✭
    Agree that Quicken needs to communicate with its subscribers.
  • dwtrux
    dwtrux Member ✭✭
    There is now a red circle crossed out next to Target account on Quicken but still no info other than its closed and not my problem, but allows you to try to "fix" which doesn't work.
  • TW767
    TW767 Member ✭✭
    Don't try Quicken's "fix." It ends up locking you out of access to "manage my Red Card" on Target's website, requiring a call to their tech support (1-800-394-1829 ->2 ->3 ->1) to regain access (been there twice so far).