Target Red Card not downloading transactions (WINDOWS)



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    How does target not inform their readers that they no longer support Quicken?
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    I previously noted that Quicken has a communication problem. It's been several weeks now and Quicken has yet to advise its subscribers of the problem. Quicken knows how to communicate if it wants to. It regularly sends subscribers marketing emails. Transparency, candor and honesty are values that Quicken should embrace.
  • Just a heads up. For me downloads are once again working for my Quicken and Target transactions.
  • Quicken still saying they're working on it, for a month now. Meanwhile, I unlocked my Target credit card account and now it works fine.
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    It's working for me now as well (12/28/21).
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    It worked for me as well until today (01/13/2022) when I received an error message on downloading into Quicken. I reset my RCAM account in Quicken and now my balance is off by an apparently random amount. The transactions downloaded but did not match and, after manually matching each one, the balance was off by an amount that did not correspond to any transaction I had made or any aggregate of transactions. It just appeared to be a random number. Maybe it is time to get rid of the Target account as I'm note sure the discount for using their card is worth the aggravation.
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