Quicken Support website - top banner area doesn't scroll - frozen in place

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For any other users that might flip over to the Quicken Support website...
I went looking for the list of Quicken releases for the various Quicken flavors...
Over on the Quicken Support website -
I can't even see the list - as the top banner is frozen and does not scroll...
so I only can see the bottom half screen

[EDIT] - am using FireFox 85.0.2 & 94.0.1 - Windows 10 -
also same with MS Edge
Quicken Subscription - Windows 10


  • Giob
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    Please FIX the SEARCH BAR BANNER of the support website - taking 60% of the page... cannot see the support articles. PLASE FIX this support.
  • Ps56k2
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    It has been reported for a couple of months - in a couple different threads -
    [removed - inaccurate - issue has been reported]
    Quicken Subscription - Windows 10
  • volvogirl
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    Yes I've been meaning to ask about that.  You can close the top box that shows up but a big banner still sticks there.  
  • Chris_QPW
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    I guess they expect everyone to have large displays that you can waste on images like this.
    BTW does anyone understand what a group of people hugging each other and looking at a blank chalk board is supposed to represent for a Quicken application?

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  • UKR
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    Have you also noticed that they're turning their backs on us ??? What does say about someone's attitude towards customer support?
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    And they should really have their pants pressed. :p

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