NEW 11/16/21: Quicken Mac notification "This version of Quicken cannot use connected services."

Charles Schwab is changing the way you access and download your account information into Quicken.

We have made changes to Quicken to accommodate Charles Schwab account changes. In order to ensure you maintain your connectivity to Schwab and your other bank accounts, your Quicken data file has been upgraded to this new connection method.

In order to resolve this message and continue downloading transactions, you must install the latest Quicken patch update: In Quicken for Mac, go to Quicken Menu > Check for Updates.  If there is an update to install, Quicken will prompt you to install the update. 

Be sure you're updated to 6.4 or higher.

After you install the latest update, follow the prompts to reauthorize your Charles Schwab accounts the next time you download transactions.  More information is available on this process here.
Quicken Kathryn
Community Administrator