UPDATED 12/2/21: Schwab Users may see Error CC-501 or HTTP-400 with Quicken for Windows accounts

NOTE: the content below applies only to Quicken Windows users who have Charles Schwab accounts in their data files. 

If you are receiving these error messages and you do not have Charles Schwab accounts in your file, the information below does not apply.  Please review existing alerts or see the FAQ here to help with your issue.

Charles Schwab is changing the way you access and download your account information into Quicken.

We have made changes to Quicken to accommodate Charles Schwab account changes. In order to ensure you maintain your connectivity to Schwab and your other bank accounts, your Quicken data file has been upgraded to this new connection method.

In order to resolve the errors above with your accounts, you must install the latest Quicken patch update: In Quicken for Windows, go to Help > Check For Updates.  If there is an update to install, Quicken will prompt you to install the update.

You can also download the manual update hereBe sure to update to R36.23 or higher.

After you install the latest update, follow the prompts to reauthorize your Charles Schwab accounts the next time you download transactions.  More information is available on this process here.
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    UPDATE 12/2/21

    Some Quicken for Windows users continue to receive a CC-501 error with Schwab accounts.  If this error is received, verify the release version of Quicken Windows (Help > About Quicken).

    If you aren't already, please download and install the Mondo Patch for the R37.37 release (currently in staged release and paused) available here.

    R37.37 includes the fixes that were in the R36.41 & R36.45 releases, as well as the internal fix that limits Schwab downloaded transactions to the last 30 days instead of the default last 18 months.

    • After updating to the R37.37 release, go to the Tools menu > Account List and deactivate every Schwab account in the data file, be sure to check for any hidden accounts that may still be connected for downloads.  
    • Once the account has been deactivated from downloads, go to the General Tab and delete the contents of the Financial Institution field.

    Please Note: Linked cash accounts will cause this error to occur.  If you have a linked Schwab cash account, the cash account must be unlinked.  To unlink the cash account, toggle the "Show Cash in a Check Account" button to No from the Account Details > General Tab.  

    Please be aware that unlinking the cash account will cause the cash account to be removed from your Quicken data file and the transactions will now appear in the investment account.

    • After all Schwab accounts have been deactivated from downloads, reactivate them through the Tools menu > Add Account flow.  Proceed through the authorization prompts and be sure to not cancel or close the windows as this may result in the CC-501 error appearing.
    • Once all accounts have been reactivated please run the One Step Update.  
    • If the CC-501 error persists, perform a reset of your cloud data (Edit > Preferences > Mobile & Web > Reset your Cloud Data) and attempt to run the One Step Update once again.
    • If the CC-501 error still persists, we recommend signing out of the Quicken ID and signing back in (Edit > Preferences > Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts > Sign in as a different user) using the same Quicken ID and password that you are currently using.

    If the error still persists, we will need more information to investigate further and recommend submitting a Report a Problem from the Help menu and starting a new post to report the ongoing error or contacting Quicken Support.

    Thank you!

    (Ticket #9010299)