RESOLVED 11/23/21 Issue with Schwab Buy/Sell Bonds (Windows)

We are seeing an issue with Bond Buys/Sells showing up in OFX as BUYOTHER/SELLOTHER instead of BUYDEBT/SELLDEBT, which means that the Accrued Interest field is not available.

Due to this, the bond and sells generate a separate MiscInc or MiscExp Quicken Transaction in place of the Accrued Interest.

If you are experiencing this issue, you will need to manually update your accounts to reflect the correct BUYDEBT/SELLDEBT. However, this issue is resolved in version release R37.25, so if you haven't already, please use the mondo patch available here to update your software in order to avoid any issues going forward.

Thank you!
(Ticket #8998059)
-Quicken Anja