Team working on the download to Quicken problem:

We need the Tier 1 team if you cant get this fixed. Very confusing instructions that dont seem to work. EG: My Q account says I am up to date with R36.38 Premier. You talk about an R37. We need all hands on deck to solve this problem, please.


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    R36.38 is the current general release version.  The general release version is the one that your Quicken installation will recognize as being the current version.
    R37.25 version is currently in staged release which is why your Quicken installation does not yet recognize it.  But if you want to you can update to this version by downloading and installing the Mondo Patch from
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    Several of the Quicken postings are suggesting to upgrade to R37 -
    and since it is NOT in the general avail status - you have to grab it from the Mondo link.....
    BUT - of course... over on the Quicken Support website, the top banner is frozen and does not scroll... for me.
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    stgd said:
    We need the Tier 1 team if you cant get this fixed.
    You got the situation bassackwards.  Tier 1 is the folks who answer the phones.  Tier 2 is higher up.
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