Changes to Schwab Accounts - Disastrous Ongoing Experience

Followed all the topics from Quicken including the Mondo Patch.  Encountered the infinite loop trying to establish a Schwab account, nothing works and the activation loop is an infinite loop that cannot be killed save for a reboot.  On the Schwab side security shows Quicken is authorised to get data.   How good is this on a nice weekend when there is no support.  Solution (hopefully) Inhale slowly and wait until Monday when there might be someone who can walk through fixing this fiasco.


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    Yep can't add a Schwab account to Quicken either... Monday may be busy for Quicken TC with numerous calls.... Quicken said it was fixed earlier in the evening.......... fake news....
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    same here. mondo latest plus all support suggestions. getting error as seen in image.png attached. community suggestions welcome.
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    Got a good chat agent who walked through it since I had a backup file with zzz-Schwab.  A step not so obvious was after deactivating all the Schwab accounts and deleting the account details in each account general tab, she added a log off Quicken, a close and reopen Quicken and log back into Quicken.  From then on it worked excepting once connected back to Schwab it downloaded a few hundred transactions that were unmatched (because of different categorisations) that had to be deleted.  There should be a choice to 'Delete all Downloaded unprocessed transactions' in one go - that would have made it much easier.
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    did you have to agree to the new terms with the new aggregator use?
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    the new update is not recording trades properly in my schwab account 9recording trades as personal income??? and im also getting alot of phantom manual inputs for transactions ?? any ideas??
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    I noticed a lot of different transaction types seem to be mislabelled now :(   Some are also just differently logged, eg reinvesting used to be a reinvesting transaction but now is a dividend transaction and a buy transaction.
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    SmokeyToo said:
    did you have to agree to the new terms with the new aggregator use?

    Yes, accept the T&C and authorise Schwab to share data with Quicken.
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    Quicken is no longer an Intuit product, although what happens behind the curtains could still be symbiotic.
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    BBG said:

    Quicken is no longer an Intuit product, although what happens behind the curtains could still be symbiotic.
    The Express Web Connect and Express Web Connect +) connection flows go like this:
    Quicken -> QCS (Quicken Connection Services, which is sync to the Quicken Cloud data set) -> Intuit Servers -> Financial institution's website.

    When Intuit sold Quicken to Quicken Inc, Quicken Inc didn't have the resources to maintain the 15,000+ financial institution connections.  So, the arrangement is that Quicken Inc pays Intuit for this service.
    For Express Web Connect (+) Intuit is in fact that "aggregator".

    So even though Intuit doesn't own Quicken it is in fact Intuit that has the contract with Charles Schwab to do the actual connection to their API and cache the transactions/price/balance information on their servers for "pickup" by the Quicken servers.
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