Looks like Quicken's 2021 Black Friday deals have started.

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40% off of Quicken.
It looks like the purchase tracks and prorates existing customers and discount applies to new members.
However, a new membership can open and use a prior datafile.
It seems to be worthwhile to sync Quicken subscription renewal with Black Friday week.

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  • mrnaturl
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    Define prorates ..... If I try to renew (sub expires Dec 12) it wants full price and I'm not paying that.
  • leishirsute
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    My cousin just renewed at full price.  He resumed the current subscription and it will renew automatically at expiration.  Maybe that's what they mean by prorate.  I bought a new subscription and Quicken was unable to access the new login information, even though I could login from Chrome and see the subscription info.  Tech support didn't understand it either and escalated the issue.  They saw the Quicken login attempts with the correct credentials and Quicken was failing the login due to invalid credentials.  They ended up refunding me.  I will use my cousin's credentials. with my datafile.  Quicken id login setup seems cumbersome.

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  • jl747
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    You need to read the small print on the bottom of the page.
    "Limited time offer of 40% off the list price applies only to the purchase of Quicken Deluxe, Premier, Home, Business & Rental Property for the first year only when you order directly from Quicken by November 30, 2021, 11:59 PM PST. Offer good for new memberships only. Subscription billed annually. Offer listed above cannot be combined with any other offers. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, offers and service options subject to change without notice."

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  • Chris_QPW
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    At the moment Best Buy seems to have the best price.  Notice though for existing customers you need to have them send you the CD instead of download.  The reduced price for the downloaded version is only for new users.  You could pick it up in the store instead of paying for shipping.
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    jl747 said:
    You need to read the small print on the bottom of the page.
    Or the large print at the top of the page :smile:

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    Staples has Quicken Deluxe for $31.99...new users OR existing subscribers.  
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