New is Grayed Out in the Payee List

I have added a new Lowe's Consumer Credit Card account. I want to setup a Scheduled Transaction in the Bills and Reminders. I should need a new Payee to set up the reminder but the new button is grayed out in the Payee List. I might mention that I'm running Quicken on 2 computers. I was able to set up the reminder on my desktop and sync the update but when quicken was updated on my laptop, the new account for Lowes was listed but the Payee I created on my desktop is not in the Payee List


  • Sherlock
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    edited November 23
    How are you moving the Quicken file between the computers?
    Which Payee List has the gray new button?
  • rwmolitor
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    The file was moved to the laptop with a backup file from the desktop. We've been update our Quicken daily for three months on the laptop without much problem. Tools>Online Payee List. The New button at the bottom left is grayed out.