Quicken Mobile/Web accounts disappear after initial sync to the cloud

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I've noticed that after initial Syncing to the cloud, some selected accounts disappear after subsequent syncs (can't tell how long after, but it is generally within a few sync operations, several days later). I have saving/chequing/and Credit card accounts - roughly 30 accounts selected.

Essentially, a series of accounts are selected for cloud syncing, syncing occurs, I verify the info on QuickenMobile App or Web interface and all is good.

Several days later, most accounts (specially those that I update most with transactions) disappear and only a small subset remains (mostly accounts that aren't updated and not my daily accounts)

Troubleshooting performed (multiple times, and it keeps on coming back):
- turn on and off sync
- reset cloud data
- ensuring all accounts intended for syncing are checked off (and they continue to be checked off even when they don't sync)
N.B. I don't update anything on mobile/web - I only perform my account transaction management on the Desktop application

The data inconsistency is of major concern,


  • Hello @nima,

    Thank you for coming to the Community with your questions and concerns, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    I do have a suggestion, I think we should try deleting your current dataset(cloud file) and creating a whole new one. 

    Here is a Knowledge Base article with steps on this procedure. 

    Before you do those steps you will need to open a new file. This will let you set up Mobile & Web for the new file. You can name the dataset for this new file "test". This is necessary because you cannot delete the dataset while you are in it. 

    So you create a new "test" file, delete the dataset of the original file, and then go back into the original file, and sync to the cloud. This will set up a completely new dataset and you can let us know if you still see the same behaviors once this is done. Thank you. 

    Quicken Alyssa

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