New Charles Schwab EWC+ - data quality issues

After DAYS of following / trying the new Schwab feed instructions and discussions, today I tried again and lo and behold, I got the accounts to link up.  No more CC-501.

The data; however, is less than great.  The transactions are fine and real, but for one brokerage account alone, I have 1757 transactions downloaded going back to April 2020 for some reason.  A bunch of "match", several "near match" and a lot of "new" that are not new (they currently exist in my register AND show cleared from previous downloads (pre-this debacle).

I went to another IRA account with "only 67" transactions and decided to accept some of the new things.  What I found out was that for reinvested dividends, where it used to create a line item with the action "ReinvLg", "ReinvSh", or "ReinvDiv", it now creates TWO line items, one of which is a "ReinvInt" which is blank (no dollars, no shares) and another line which is BOUGHT, which impacts my cash balance, making it incorrect.

So now I can download from Schwab / am connected, but the data import is trash.  It's either duplicative or input into the Quicken register correctly.  This data import change was not tested well or sufficiently (with enough test cases).  I hope that Quicken recognizes that their mapping of Schwab data provided to Quicken registers is NOT working correctly or how it was previously.  At it stands right now, the One Step Update is many, many steps.  


  • Chris Schwark
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    One update as I slog through the downloaded info is that if a mutual fund has a "ReinvDiv" entry in the register, it will make a match to downloaded transaction.  Where the failure is if you have a "ReinvLg" or "ReinvSh", it doesn't recognize these and creates 2 "NEW" downloaded transactions, one line being "ReinvInt" with zero data / cost / shares and another "bought" using cash.  Hopefully people like @Quicken Anja who has been on other discussions around Schwab is aware of this or create a ticket.