Find/replace to remove a portion of a field or string

Some banks have issues with putting too much redundant information into the memo field, like the full name and last few digits of the account holder's information. Consequently there is nothing visible in the field except your own name when you look at the transactions showing the memo field. I can select for that portion of the memo in find/replace, but can not remove or replace just that string. I don't really want to remove the whole field for 100% of transactions.
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"Don't update Memo when downloading"


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    Better edit capabilities would be a welcome enhancement, IMHO.
    Meanwhile, have you looked at a relatively new option setting, selectable for each account individually, "Don't update Memo when downloading"? This setting can be found in each account's Edit Account Details dialog, Online Services tab. It will prevent newly downloaded transactions' Memo field from being cluttered up with the downloaded memo text.
    You may want to talk with the bank's upper level management and request them to provide better, more meaningful data than what they currently send.