Schwab download of IRA accounts to Quicken

On 18 Nov 21 - I began having problems downloading from Schwab to Quicken. My wife has two brokerage IRAs there. Previous downloads always did fine. The one step update settings window shows a single line with two account numbers separated by a comma. When I do an account update, they both fail with CC-506 "unable to update". I select fix-it and re-enter the Schwab password. Then the update occurs for the first listed IRA. There is no request to fix the second IRA. I have the most recent update of Quicken. I have deleted and re-added the accounts, also deactivated and reactivated the account, to no avail. When I delete one of the IRAs the remaining IRA updates fine. Again, prior to 18 Nov, updating brokerage IRAs with Schwab went fine.