Net Worth Inconsistencies…

I am transferring funds in a few days time from a banking savings account into an investment brokerage account.

I entered the fund transfer today as part of my weekend banking.

In so doing I think I have found a few inconsistencies which are as follows:

1. I noticed that the Banking Savings account reflects the fund transfer (because I have it set to Show Projected Balanced) but the Investment Brokerage account does not reflect the fund transfer nor can I find way a way to do so. Is there one?

2. On terms of the sidebar:

a. As above the sidebar value for the Banking Account reflects the fund transfer. It also does so regardless of what I set Banking Account display to (i.e. current balance, projected balance, etc.).

How / where can I control the amount that the sidebar displays?

Why is the sidebar display independent of the banking account display?

c. As above the sidebar value for the Investment Brokerage Account does note reflect the fund transfer. I further noticed that changing the portfolio date to a future date to try to capture the future fund value does not work in either the register or sidebar.

How / where can I control the amount that the sidebar displays?

c. As far as the sidebar Net Worth calculation is concerned it seems broken / weird; specifically, Banking Accounts seem to be based on projected values (regardless of the account or sub-account time setting) while Investing Accounts seem to be based on current values.

How / where can I control the basis for the sidebar’s net worth calculation in terms of current / projected, to make things consistent, etc.?

Why would they have it setup like this?

Very much looking forward to others comments?


  • garysmith87
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    edited November 2021
    In Quicken Mac subscription, there is a verified bug that has "future" investment transactions INCLUDED in the sidebar amount, despite the sidebar set to show the current balance.

    This only applies to investment and retirement accounts.  Banking accounts are not affected.

    Quicken support has verified its a bug and they've reported it to their team.  No ETA on a fix.  

    The temporary workaround is to NOT post future investment transactions in the register until the day they occur.  Not exactly an elegant solution, but that's all I've got.  

  • JoelC
    JoelC Member ✭✭

    As always, I appreciate the fast response.

    Two follow ups please:

    1. Where does one set what the sidebar shows (ie. current balances, projected balances, etc.) ad I cannot seem to find it?

    2. Worth noting, I have the opposite situation. I have my sidebar set to show projected balances (don’t know how but that is what it is showing) EXCEPT for investment accounts where the future transaction is not been included / shown.

  • JoelC
    JoelC Member ✭✭
    Quick update...

    1. I figured out how / where one set the what teh sidebar shows so that this done / fixed.

    2. I would like any comments / thoughts on item 2 above intuit I have OPPOSITE situation to what @garysmith87 opted' specifically, my sidebar is set to show PROJECTED balances which it does EXCEPT for investment accounts where the future transactions are not being included / shown.

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