Trouble reconciling due to entries not transferring into reconciliation screen

My Quicken register entries after Oct 15th are not showing up in the reconciliation window - making it impossible to reconcile my account. What can I do to correct this problem?


  • Alan Fields
    Alan Fields Member ✭✭
    I think we may have the same problem. I've got Wells Fargo showing me a transaction that posted in their website on 11/26. When downloaded today, Quicken shows a posting date of 11/27. I hit this when balancing books last month. The transactions which the bank posted on the last day of the statement cycle show up in Quicken a dated one day later (it's probably the download date) and do not appear in the reconciliation window.

    Suggestion to help prove this out: In the Quicken check register, add the 'posted' column, and compare to the bank's website or statement. If Quicken's posting dates are later than they should be, we've got a problem. The next test is to see if the incorrect Quicken posting date is one day after the bank's posting date or the date on which they were downloaded.

    You can't change the transactions since the posted date is immutable, but you can reconcile using the later Quicken posted date which will then include the transactions in the window.
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