Monthly budget rollover for the Mac

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This feature has been repeatedly requested for the Mac version (since at least 2016), and it has reportedly been shown as "Planned" since 2019. But I can't seem to find where on the current Ideas list I can upvote this idea. All the relevant posts on Ideas show as "Merged" (which means I can't upvote them), but I can't see what post they've been merged with. So I'm starting this as a new Idea to give people a place to show their (continuing) interest in having this (CRITICAL!) feature as part of Quicken for Mac.
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    There is an existing idea thread here. It does not really help to start a new thread for the same feature; it is more impactful to get more votes for the existing idea. (And a moderator will likely merge this thread into that one.) If you haven't voted for that thread, please do so! ;) 

    It's frustrating that Idea posts here seem to languish for a long time. The developers have a long, long list of possible and definite future enhancements, and they don't mark one as "Planned" until they actually have it slotted for development time on their roadmap. So ideas remain as "Under Consideration" not necessarily because the developers don't agree it's a worthwhile idea, but because they don't have a time slot and programmer(s) to asking to the task yet. They also often try to group ideas in a related area of the program. There are a number of requests for improvements to the budget portion of the program, and I suspect they'll tackle them together because they probably have to re-write a chunk of the code for the budget. (Even among budget feature wishes, there's a sharp divide among users about what is the most important budget feature: rollover or budget-versus-actual reporting as of a user-specified date.)

    I'm not offering excuses on behalf of Quicken, just explaining why features like this can linger on the wishlist for a long time. 

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