Schwab Connection Conversion Problems -- What IS the current version for Quicken Premier?

I am in the process of attempting to switch to the new connection method for my Schwab accounts and having the same problems that appears numerous people have also experienced. I can't get beyond FI name problems, CC301 and CC501 issues, lack of "deactivate" ability for one account, and cannot activate the other three. I've waited several days hoping that Quicken Support would figure it all out, but it does not appear that is going to happen any time soon. Before calling and waiting for Support, I'd like to make sure that I'm using the correct version of Quicken Premier. On 11/19 a Quicken rep posted this:

"Quicken Kathryn Administrator admin
November 19
UPDATE 11/19/21: The Charles Schwab changeover is now complete. When updating your accounts, you should now receive an option to Reauthorize your Charles Schwab accounts with the new connection method.
If you have any issues updating your accounts in Quicken for Windows, we suggest that you download and install the latest mondo patch, version R37.25.
Quicken Kathryn
Community Administrator"

I downloaded and updated using the Mondo Patch Version R37.25 on 11/19/21. However, I see that now THAT patch is not available on Quicken's site, and also the "Update" version that Quicken is asking you to update to is R36.45. What happened with the updates??? Am I even able to "update" to a prior version?

I feel I need to get the correct version loaded before I can again attempt to set up the new connection method and be prepared to call Support.


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    For anyone that is using Charles Schwab the version you want is R36.45.  You can get it from here:
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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    Thanks @Chris_QPW. Any idea why they originally posted the link to R37.25 (See insert above) or if I'll have problems reverting to a prior version when I try to install R36.45?
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    Yes, R37.25 was in staged release mode, not released to the general public yet.  It was branched off of R36.38 (which is the min version needed for the new Charles Schwab connection).
    The way I know that is here is the patch they had on the announcement for R37.25, notice it has two version numbers, the one it branched from and the one it was released as:

    Then it the actual conversion started and they needed to add fixes, they put them into R36.41, and R36.45 (which would have started with R36.38).

    I assume eventually they will merge the changes from R36.41 and R36.45 into the R37 development, but for now I'm sure they are in a wait and see mode if they are going to need to put in more fixes.

    For people that aren't using Charles Schwab, R37.25 is fine to use, but for people that are using Charles Schwab they will want R36.45, or any later version that has the same fixes in it.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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    BTW here are the release noted for R37.25, which are only available when installing the patch.

    Version R37.25 (Nov, 2021)


    ·       The recently introduced Modern Dashboard now features more links to allow you to work directly with transactions, especially categorization. There are improvements to the look and feel as well as drag & drop and show & hide functionality for cards. Minor display and usage issues were also resolved.

    ·       Multiple improvements to bill presentment and payment including:

    o      The All Bills filter will list all payees added to the Bills & Income dashboard

    o      Improvements to the reliability of PDF statements displayed for billers

    o      A new Payable Items filter will help you find payees that you can quickly pay from within Quicken - includes Quick Pay, Check Pay, and Bank Bill Pay payees.

    o      For Check Pay payments, you can now view both the Send Date and the Estimated Delivery Date on the dashboard.

    o      If a scheduled Quick Pay payment fails, the schedule will now reflect that the current payment still needs to be made.

    o      Opt-in SMS alerts will now be offered after you make your first Quick Pay or Check Pay payment.

    o      Bills with the status “awaiting next bill” will no longer display when you use the Due Date filter.

    o      You can more easily set up a Check Pay payment to a Quick Pay biller from the register.

    o      Corrected issues calculating the balance in the Bills, Income & Transfers calendar display.

    o      Improved error messaging

    ·       Multiple improvements to our investment tool including:

    o      Buttons and links in Simple Investing display that allow you to update a securities Share Price and Cash Value.

    o      Buy/Sell indicators on the Price History / Market value graph now include reinvestments, display improvements, and an increased limit to the number of changes tracked.

    o      You can now choose to hide or show a few specific columns in the investment register.

    What's fixed

    ·       An issue in which displaying the Quicken calculator prevented the use of Quicken’s search features.

    ·       An issue in which the Merge Category option did not display when you right-clicked on an unused category.

    ·       Issue syncing hidden, separated, and deleted account changes with Quicken on the Web and Quicken Resolved other sync issues including some text visibility issues.

    ·       An issue in which changing the type of certain investment transactions could result in duplicate transactions.

    ·       Issues synchronizing with Quicken on the Web when the last account has been deleted.

    ·       An issue in which an incorrect request for a password was appearing during the update process.

    ·       An issue in the Portfolio View in which closed lots amounts displayed when an account was added to the view, even though the option to show closed lots had not been selected.

    ·       An issue in which enabling a manual account for download could result in an incorrect count of “transactions downloaded”

    ·       An issue with screen refreshing during reconciliation when marking transactions cleared.

    ·       Removed the "0" in the Shares column of the Security Detail View when displaying transactions such as Div, that do not need a “0”.

    ·       The Stack View on the Bills or Bills, Income & Transfers tab did not show the next immediate upcoming instance as the default.

    ·       The Portfolio View showed closed lots amounts when an account was added to the view and the option to show closed lots was not selected.

    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website:
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    Thanks again, @Chris_QPW. It's good to know the background, but I'm not happy that the Quicken rep put the info out there. The cut and paste I inserted above STILL exists in Support. There has been no follow up notation that they made an error in posting the link to R37.25. When I downloaded the R37.25 update, there definitely was no other update showing. Crossing my fingers that I can switch to the R36.45 update.
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    I am using R36.45 and after a two hour support call, I still can't download from Quicken. I don't think I would try to go back to an earlier release if I was on R37.25 because it isn't working for me
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