Ongoing Schwab Issues - Quicken Issues Are NOT Fixed

Quicken - All the recent posts (thru 11/30/2021) are not working. Every time I reset, disconnect and reconnect, reinstall the M patch, etc., it syncs for one day, the next day no new transactions are downloading . Your fixes/patches, things to reset and try, are NOT working a day later again. I have called support, and it's the same things to try, and nothing keeps 24 hours later. Quicken, stop pushing new patches, tips, tricks, etc., out on this and instead address the issue. Talk to your customers and address this issue head on.


  • Sherlock
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    If you aren't already, I suggest you bookmark the relevant Schwab alerts: Alerts, Online Banking & Known Product Issues
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    Same issue here. With One Step Update for all accounts, new Schwab transactions didn't download. However, I opened up one of the Schwab accounts, clicked on the top-right gear and "Update Transactions". Then the new transactions were downloaded. Go figure.
    I still have one account that I have POA on that won't download with my sign on or my husband's sign on.
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