Quicken vs. Wells Fargo Transaction Dates

I've posed this problem before, but now I have an answer and a bug to report.

When downloading transactions from Wells Fargo, the 'posted' date generated by Quicken is one day later than the date shown by the bank's website and printed statements.

What I have figured out is that the date changes based on the connection type of the download. If downloaded as Quicken Connect (the aggregation service), the posting date as applied by Quicken is incorrect, it is a day late. If downloaded as Direct Connect, the posting dates match the bank exactly, just as they should.

It's subtle, and there are places where it does make a difference (think reconciliation). My get around is to use Direct Connect, and I ask Quicken Support to go to bat with their service providers to figure out what's really going on.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    In Quicken Preferences > Connected Services, have you checked the box for "Use posted date for matched transactions"?

    If yes, and you're still seeing the transaction come in on a different date, then you should contact Quicken Support to see if this can get escalated. (This site is not Quicken Support.)
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  • Alan Fields
    Alan Fields Member ✭✭
    @jacobs Matching is irrelevant as these are new transactions, not items to match against the Quicken register. Read my note to see that the appropriate connection type makes everything post correctly.

    Quicken support already has an open ticket which I need to get updated.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    But have you tried that check box? I know what it says, but I think it does more than it says. That's why I was asking if you had tried it. 
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