Schwab Update Problem

After the update, my schwab shares are not reconciling with the quicken shares. It appears my quicken shares are correct but Schwab is showing a zero.


  • Tim Lewis
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    Quicken will not download new Schwab transactions unless I reset the account (select account, gear, edit account, online services tab, reset account). If I don't reset the account, Quicken One Step Update acts like it worked correctly, but zero transactions are downloaded. It's crazy to have to reset the account every day to get Quicken to download transactions.
  • I have updated my Schwab accounts but every new day that I attempt to update my accounts I get a new notice saying Schwab is changing the way it connects to Quicken. If I cancel this my accounts update normally. How do I get rid of the notice?
  • pruppel
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    I am having the same problem.  I sent in a Problem Report today and wanted to share the screen message I get.  When I attempt to login here, my login and password are not recognized by Schwab.  I then get the regular account login set up, and it fails and reverts where I started.  Very frustrating.
  • thangtn
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    I have same problem as well for a couple weeks now. I updated Quicken to the latest, and did every trick I learned from community members, it still failed with the message "Oops. We're having a problem. CC-501. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to connect to the Quicken servers at this time, blah blah blah. Please try again in a few hours."

    Just wanting Quicken to know this problem affects many users.
  • robot40
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    I have similar problems to those described above. Downloads to Quicken used to be near real-time, now nothing but problems. I am quickly getting to the point where I am going to transfer all my Schwab accounts to another brokerage. If not fixed this week, I will start moving accounts next week. Does anyone care? So far--apparently not.
  • Jim Douthit
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    I just updated R36.48 and tried download from Schwab. It appears my Schwab Bank transactions downloaded but all other accounts failed stating it must be the "Nicknames: have changed. I use the "Fixit" button and it puts me into a loop trying to login to Schwab. When I try to exit the loop and say I [Removed-Disruptive]
  • J_21
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    I am having all of these problems. Have probably spent 40+ hours since 12/17 with ideas and processes, and blame games with Quicken Community, Quicken Tech Support, and Schwab Tech Support. Cannot d/l transactions or bond price updates. More specifically, the bond quotes are present in the Quicken Online Center page but are not propagated throughtout the Quicken R36.45 or R37.37 versions. The transactions are a no-show in the Online Report. Frustration reigns !!!!!!!!!!!
  • TimCo
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    I am also having these problems. I am now just typing the new transactions in manually. Better that then have it load duplicates which would be a nightmare to clean up.
  • clifsaik
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    I just updated to 36.48 (Build this morning. The description said that it would fix issues with Schwab and Capital One. Still can't set up online access to my Schwab Charitable account. The account does not appear during the set up process.
  • Murali Narayanan
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    Didnt know there was a new build 36.48. Download from Schwab doesnt result in any errors but the account registers dont show the new downloaded transactions. But the transactions on some of the schwab accounts do show up a day later. On one of my IRA accounts, downloaded transactions don't show up all. I reported the problem via the app along with the logs. Quicken QA can and should do better. The company needs a user experience officer who should report to the CEO.
  • Old Dave
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    12/8/21 Just downloaded R36.48 - and it does NOT work. Please publish the procedure to reconnect schwab after deactivating my accounts as previously suggested.
  • Thomas Roche
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    I get new transactions when updating, but they show in quicken with incorrect transaction type, they all say Deposit when they are actually Dividends. This problem requires me to go to the Schwab site to verify what the transaction type is.
  • I am finally joining the Schwab transaction download problem parade, I too updated to R36.48, after reading community member posting, then tested one account (bank acct, used for bill pay), ran update, then get nothing, my last successful downloads was 11/15/2021! Hope help is on the way soon!!
  • Same issues as above. Have spent hours on the phone with Quicken Support. Wait time is terrible. Hope they are working to resolve. Their wait message says to go online to Quicken to solve Schwab problems. Good luck with that!
  • nerdindenial
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    Which version of Quicken for Windows should we be using in the USA: 36.48 or 37.37?
    Various Quicken websites are contradictory.
    36.48 is the latest offered by QW.EXE, but 37.37 Mondo Patch and 36.48 Mondo Patch are offered by the Quicken support website. Still can't get transactions to actually download on older/bigger accounts...
  • bartsot
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    I too am having the Schwab download problem -- some accounts download, others don't. Wish Quicken would get its act together. They've really screwed it up with this switch from direct connect to express web connect.
  • Quicken Sarah
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    Which version of Quicken for Windows should we be using in the USA: 36.48 or 37.37?
    Various Quicken websites are contradictory.
    36.48 is the latest offered by QW.EXE, but 37.37 Mondo Patch and 36.48 Mondo Patch are offered by the Quicken support website. Still can't get transactions to actually download on older/bigger accounts...
    Hello @nerdindenial

    I apologize for any confusion.  The rollout of R37.37 has been paused for an undetermined amount of time while our teams work to resolve ongoing issues related to the Schwab migration.

    At this time, R36.48 is the latest release of Quicken for Windows, however, this release is targeted at resolving the following issues with Charles Schwab accounts:
    • Login Errors
    • Issues deactivating accounts
    • Persistent reconnect prompts
    • Issues displaying account balances
    If you have already installed R37.37 and do not have any accounts with Charles Schwab experiencing the above issues, you may remain on the R37.37 release and do not need to rollback to the R36.48 version.

    Thank you,

  • clifsaik
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    What about all the other issues with Schwab, like (for me) not being able to reactivate my Schwab Charitable account?
  • sal mattimiro
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    Today ends week 3 of the Schwab problems for me. On November 17th I followed the Quicken instructions and deactivated my Schwab accounts in order to reestablish them under some new Schwab requirement.  I have never been able to reactivate those accounts since.

    I get as far as the Login Page (Add New Account Page) and at the top is has an error CC-501. Trying to log on with that error just sends me back a couple of pages where it again explains the new requirements. Stuck in a loop.

    Hours on chat and telephone hold only to be told it will be fixed in a day or two. I've see three Quicken updates, all stating that they have fixed the Schwab download problems, including today's R36.48, but I have seen no changes to my situation.

    I don't get to see the download issues because I cannot reactivate. The amount of time spent validating my file (always a request from Quicken support), backing up my file and creating a new file for test (another must do for Quicken support) and reinstalling backups when things get worse such as 1 1/2 years worth of transactions on a completely different account with Principal Financial, has brought me to the point of moving away from Quicken.

    I've opened an online account with a competitor and I am going to see if I can get the same or better information or at least enough to meet my needs.

    Today also marks the 1 week anniversary of not being able to download transactions from Pentagon Federal Credit Union. I tried to deactivate them and reactivate them but I get the following error while trying to login during the setup, "Sorry, We encountered an error. (It's not your fault.) OK, so who's fault is it and why isn't it fixed? So fed up with all these problems and no solutions.

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  • lwj
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    It may be helpful if I give my latest experience regarding this issue.

     I’ve again been on-line with support for over three hours whilst going through checking log files etc. etc. and told to downgrade from R37.37 to R36.48. Supposedly the support person was in touch with Schwab and understood that my account was not a normal account (though Schwab have told me that it is "switched on" for Quicken).

    Then eventually; "The specialist is stating that at this point for any missing transactions, you will have to add these manually. You will be able to download but missing ones need to be added by you…"
    So I replied "Before you go let us see if I can now connect?" and "No, exactly the same as before. As shown in the screenshots I uploaded."

     Answer - "I’m sorry, I have just realized I didn’t advise you to wait two hours while the system completes the update with your bank."

     So I asked "Could you please give me a quick summary of what you have done to solve the problem?"

     Great reply - "You will be receiving an email with the ticket number 90xxxxx, with the details of the steps we followed."

     Which I followed with "When can I expect that?" "It may take a couple of minutes for you to receive the email." "OK, I’ll wait." Then <<Agent left conversation>>.

     Many hours later I have still not received the email and my Schwab connection problems remain exactly as before.

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  • Anne Wood
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    1. The Schwab download apparently does not include share balances of account holdings --- thus Quicken isn't providing a discrepancy report.

    2. Additionally, most Schwab transactions are not coming through in Quicken, and the few that have come through were coded incorrectly. (How can the Quicken account show a negative cash balance after a fund's dividend and capital gains were posted? )

    3. I unfortunately initiated transfer of two accounts to Schwab last week:
    --The first account to transfer was an IRA. Quicken did (at least) show the transfer-in transactions of the IRA's mutual funds although they came in with differing (and incorrect) transaction types.
    --The second account to transfer to Schwab was personal, and transferred two days later. Even though Schwab said the "transfer is complete", Quicken showed NO such transactions for the personal account AND Quicken did not show any discrepancy between shares on Schwab vs shares on Quicken.

    I have done all of the suggested procedures including Mondo Patch R37.37 with no luck despite daily One Step "updates". It would be helpful to have a timeline of when this will be fixed. I don't want to have to manually add the Schwab transactions especially this close to year end. [Removed-Specualtion/Disruptive]
  • Still having same problems after 10 days. How do you delete the "zzz-" in front of Charles Schwab . . .? Does that help anything?
  • JamesN
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    I have download problems after Schwab merges with Chase. Fortunately, after trying many methods, I found a solution for my problem today. Your problem maybe different, or maybe the same root cause with different symptoms. So try below steps, it may work and save you time. Update to R37.37 first.
    1. Deactivate online service of your Schwab account in Quicken
    2. Delete account number and financial institution name of the Schwab account in Quicken. Do not delete the Schwab account
    3. Follow Quicken procedure to add a new account
    4. Follow Quicken steps and select the same type of account and financial institution name as your current Schwab account
    5. Sign in Schwab account after Quicken connects to Schwab
    6. Link the new account to the current Schwab account in Quicken. Do not create a new account in Quicken.
    7. Try Update Transactions in Schwab account. You should have no problem at this time.

    Good luck.
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