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    Today I downloaded Quicken v. 38.29. Upon completion I logged out of Quicken and back in. I was preparing to go through Schwab account Deactivate/Reactivate process (for the seemingly hundredth time) but tried the One Step Update process instead. I could instantly tell that this connection into Schwab (and other accounts) was different by the way the screens were processing. Happy to report that all of my Schwab accounts - one data file with multiple accounts and multiple logins - were completely updated with transactions back to early November all filled in. Just a few minor edits around some specific transactions needed. Long time coming but pretty happy right now.
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    See if it works again I had same happy outcome a few weeks ago and then it would not update again.
  • BScoBee
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    Still not working for me -- on some accounts the transactions from 11/15 to 2/1 are missing, but transactions after 2/1 are coming in. Share balances in Quicken don't match what are downloaded from Schwab, and SWVXX is missing from holdings.
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    I'm in the same boat. I have 3 bonds that report the wrong number of shares. Bonds are sold in lots of 100 or 1000 so if I have 750 shares then Quicken thinks I need 75,000 as reported by Schwab. If I use a file made before 11/16/21 (downloaded via zzzSchwab) then it reports and thinks all is correct. Once I change the brokerage back to Schwab then the share balance is not correct.
    Anyone else with this?
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    I've had a little success (with version 38.29), but not enough. I'm now showing dividends listed in my investing account (they previously only appeared in the linked bank account), but they are not showing reinvestments correctly. Also, sales of shares show the company name and the amount of money received from the sales, but the downloaded transactions do not show the number of shares listed, so the entries actually can't be accepted into the transaction journal. I've spent another 1 hour 40 minutes on the phone with someone who is at a higher level of Quicken support. She's been delightfully pleasant and eager to help, but no solutions yet.
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    After 2 hours on the phone with a high-level support person, I was told that the only solution to the problem of getting incomplete information from Schwab is for me to create a new Quicken file and use it in conjunction with an archived old file. I would need to re-add every investment account, even though that means I would need to use an old file and the new file (sequentially) to determine things like cost basis of reinvested share lots and any information from earlier than November 2021. It would take hours/days to re-establish all the information in the new account for transactions that go back 2 decades or so, especially since there is no way (I'm told) to copy transactions from one file to another. (Users can't open more than one Quicken file on a computer at a time.)

    Overall, the "solution" is not viable. Like others, I've spent hours on this problem, and there's no resolution in sight. [Removed - Disruptive]
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    Did Quicken tell you that the File Export feature in Quicken would not work for creating a new file?
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    I wasn't told about file export feature. I don't know anything about it. I'll need to investigate.
    Would it work to export various accounts into a new file? Thanks.
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    I would like to think that Quicken support would suggest that if it was an option. However, it may still be. I'm not the expert by any measure but... There are two export options available in Q. If it were me, I would ask support if exporting one of the file types within the existing ".qdf" file (assuming the file is intact) and updating to the new version is a viable procedure.
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  • RicoH
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    Still no improvement. Quicken still won't update Schwab entries properly. This problem has existed for more than 4 months now, and NO RESOLUTION. I'm very disappointed in both Quicken and Schwab.
  • tenacity
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    I also had the problem of Schwab accounts not updating properly, and this fixed it for me:

    Disabled syncing under Mobile & Web. One step update still didn't work. Then I went to Tools, online center, and selected Schwab as the financial institution. For each account listed, I clicked on update/send at the top right coner of the window. Transactions pulled in as they should. After I did this for every account and accepted the transactions, everything was in balance.

    After this process, One Step Update started working again for me. Hope this helps someone. It's been good for a week, so far.

    I was on version 39.17 when I got this fixed. Just updated to 39.21 and it's still working properly.
  • Barry
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    Contact Schwab an ask them to allow account holders to download data from their website in Quicken format--it requires an extra step, but it should work. [Removed - Speculation]
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    Thanks for trying to help, tenacity. Unfortunately, your trick didn't work for me. Quicken still shows that there are no updated transactions in one account since December 30--which is not the case. The problems persist...
  • DonutDollars
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    Can't download your Schwab Bank account? NOTE THIS:
    Ok... so apparently you now need to have the "Deluxe" version of quicken to connect to Schwab Bank accounts, if you have unconnected Schwab Investment accounts.

    Note that if you have BOTH Schwab INVESTMENT and BANK accounts, Schwab does not allow you to login through the website. You are forced to login through the website.
    Until recently, you could use the STARTER version of quicken to download the Schwab BANK Accounts. But that no longer works if you have Schwab Investment accounts, even if you only want to download the Bank accounts!
    If you have Schwab Investment Accounts, you MUST use the DELUXE edition of quicken to download your Schwab BANK Accounts.
  • HellRider
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    I'm having issues again downloading from Schwab. I thought these issues were behind me. I'm able to download the brokerage accounts, albeit there were some issues with what was downloaded, but the Schwab Bank account would not download. The screen gives every indication that it's working, but once complete there are not transactions. It has been working the last three or four months.

    Has something changed again with how Quicken and Schwab communicate? I am using the Deluxe version of Quicken.

    Any help is appreciated. I'm not sure why this is such a hard problem to fix after so long.
  • hcrow2
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    I am having same problems. Schwab downloads stop back in November 2021 they were able to get it working again in February and it's stopped downloading transactions at end of March. A continuing nightmare. No idea what to do and l hate to talk to Quicken Support after the 10 times and 20 hours spent doing this in these past 5 months.
  • rohmerg
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    I was having the same problem. Updated to R40.21 this morning. Deleted and added Schwab accounts with success. Update are working as well.
  • Steven Wetterling
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    I had most Schwab data download problems fixed. Installed R40.21 this morning and ALL SCHWAB ACCOUNTS NOW REPORT DOWNLOAD FAILURES. Will try the delete and add process to see if this corrects this as reported. I also noticed that R40.21 is supposed to have a new feature (if I understand correctly) to request download of previous time specified data files. I am thinking that this is a possible palliative to the missing history files problem. Has anyone tried this feature for this purpose and does it work?
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